Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pretty Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Have you decorated any pumpkins yet? Here are some ideas that will add a pretty touch wherever you place your pumpkins–whether it's a display on your porch or inside your home...or both!

Paint simple patterns on pumpkins–pure white looks great against the bright orange. Photo from Mon Carnet.

Or paint lacy patterns in black–doilies are used as stencils to get this look! From Midwest Living.

Love this pumpkin that is actually decorated with real lace doilies! From Allyson Baker Design.

These pumpkins are a little more intricate, painted with dimensional paint. If you're wanting something simpler, the small dotted pumpkin at the bottom of the photo is a great way to start–the dots could work on a larger pumpkin, too. From Alisa Burke.

Decorated with leaves: 1) An elegant look–decorate a white pumpkin with gold leaves–using spray-painted real or artificial leaves. 2) Use leaf-shaped stencils to decorate pumpkins. From Midwest Living.

Who would have thought succulent cuttings would look so nice arranged with moss on a pumpkin? Find instructions at Simply Happenstance.

So many pretty ideas! Are you inspired to try any of these?

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