Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kitchen Herb Gardens

Fresh herbs are wonderful to have handy when you're cooking. I grow herbs in the summer in my garden, but I usually buy fresh herbs in the winter. That may change, though...I found some wonderful ideas for kitchen herb gardens–what a great way to have fresh herbs all year round!

Above, a Teacup Herb Garden fits perfectly on a kitchen counter or wide window ledge. From Pinterest.

Coffee mugs can work as planters, too! From Sweet Paul.

Create a compact kitchen herb garden arrangement with tin cans and a large terra cotta saucer. You'll need to drill small holes in the bottoms of the cans for drainage. See instructions at HGTV.

I love this idea–use your old tea tins as pretty windowsill planters! From The Stir.

You can use canning jars to grow kitchen herbs, too. You could also display these jars on a counter near your kitchen window. Notice the small stones at the bottoms of the jars for drainage. From Sweet Paul.

I could envision any of these kitchen herb garden ideas in my home–which do you like best?

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