Thursday, October 23, 2014

Decorating with Quilts

Quilts are such a great way to make a room more cozy! They add so much warmth when draped over the arm of a sofa, the back of an easy chair, or used as a table covering.

Worn, old quilts can also be used as wall hangings or made into pillows. I found some quilt decorating inspiration at several sites that show how you can use old quilts in fresh new ways...

Use as a wall hanging or headboard by hanging over a drapery rod. From Country Living.

Frame pieces of an old quilt in a gallery-like display (also from Country Living). It's perfect for a large wall area that needs some interest! 

Quilts make pretty table coverings, like this one used for a party setting (from Pinterest).

Quilts make great pillows! I love how this traditionally-patterned quilt pillow works so well with the clean, contemporary, fresh look of this room (from Country Living).

You can also make comfy cushions from old quilts, too, for both indoors or out on a covered porch (from Pinterest).

And of course, quilts look wonderful as coverlets, draped over bedposts, or even draped over room dividers. These and the following ideas are from Pinterest.

If you love the patchwork look, you can create a patchwork-like effect on a wall using scrapbook paper–so fresh-looking with white or teal furniture!

One of my favorite, simplest ways to display quilts is simply stacking them...on a chair, small table or bench, or on shelves in an open armoire.

Do you collect quilts and how do you use them in your decorating?

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