Thursday, October 9, 2014

Autumn Container Gardens

Autumn flowers and plants are so pretty and I found some different ways you can display them in containers on your porch or patio. Add some pumpkins and gourds to complete your fall arrangements and enjoy the beauty they bring to the outside of your home!

From Midwest Living, a colorful mix of cockscomb, yellow pansies, zinnias, rosemary, blue fescue, and lamium. Or, a rustic metal container filled with mums, ornamental cabbage, trailing blue calibrachoa, sage, and fountain grass.

Also from Midwest Living, large crocks make great containers–this one filled with asters, petunias, switchgrass, donkeytail spurge, and sage. Or how about this lovely garden in a chair with a mix of beautifully lush plants and flowers.

Here are more inspiring ideas found on Pinterest...

A striking arrangement in an elegant urn.

A container with a Japanese Maple adds vibrant color.

Colorful plants fill a large pot to overflowing!

And a crate full of zinnias looks great near an entryway.

Do you have any unique containers you can use for an autumn container garden?

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