Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Restful Day

We all need a day to rest and relax after a busy week. Here are some images that look so restful and soothing–maybe these decor ideas will work for you to help create a peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Breakfast in bed is the perfect way to start your day of rest and relaxation! (from All Things Girly and Beautiful)

From Picture Perfect for You...a comfy chair, a stack of good books on your coffee table and a pretty pot of flowers invite you to sit and relax awhile.

A beautiful daybed for sitting or napping is the perfect addition to a living room or sunroom (from Old and Shabby).

A relaxing soak in the tub in this fresh, airy bathroom would really feel wonderful! From All Things Girly and Beautiful.

Enjoying the outdoors by taking a restful break on the porch is always a soothing idea. From All Things Shabby and Beautiful.

What's your favorite room to rest and relax in?

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