Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Sewing Crafts

Here are some quaint vintage-style craft accessory ideas you may want to try out. These are quick and easy sewing projects that are so pretty! They will add a breath of fresh air to your spring cottage! (Photos and ideas from Country Living)

Spring sachets sewn by hand...just cut a 4" square from a hankie and with pattern side up, fold three corners toward the square's center. Hand-stitch sides together, then turn inside out, press, and sew a button on the flap. Fill with dried lavender, then sew flap closed with a few hidden stitches.

Pink, lavender, teal, yellow...lots of pretty spring shades are found in this vintage hankie table runner. To connect the hankies, flip them pattern side down, overlapping edges by about 3/8 inch; pin, and then stitch hankies together.

An eye-catching floral tote–a great way to use different fabric pieces you may have left over from other projects! Just cut 10 yard-long strips of fabric in a variety of widths. Sew strips together to make one large piece of fabric. Fold fabric in half, trim edges to create the shape you want, then stitch the sides and hem the top. Add a large vintage button and a pre-made wicker handle (found in crafts stores) to finish off the tote!

This pin cushion is a sweet idea! The cushion shown above is made from muslin with colorful fabric dots added on. The cushion is then sewn together and stuffed. And instead of using muslin, how about scraps of vintage quilts? No need to add dots, since the quilt scraps have color and pattern of their own.

Are you a sewer and crafter? What spring projects are you working on?

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