Monday, January 27, 2014

Crafts for a Wintry Day

When the weather's cold outside, it's nice staying warm and cozy inside! And what better way to spend a frosty winter afternoon or evening than working on decorative crafts to cozy up your cottage? Here are some ideas from Country Living that I'd like to try sometime–they all look like easy projects you could make in just a few hours!

Crocheted and Lace-Edged TowelsJust add ready-made edgings purchased from a fabric store to your dish towels, bath towels, or pillowcases. Use your sewing machine or stitch edgings on by hand and create unique vintage-style linens!

Sewing Pattern Flowers–Use your old sewing patterns to create decorative flowers! See instructions at Country Living.

Button-Up Pillows...cleverly made from old shirts! If you don't have any, you can buy inexpensive shirts at your local thrift store. See the directions here on how to make them!

Are you a crafter? What items have you been creating this winter?

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