Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cozy Fall Crafts

When I think of cozy things, I think of candles, sweaters, wall hangings, inviting scents, pretty patterns...things that bring warmth and softness to the home. Here are some craft ideas from Country Living that do just that and are perfect projects for fall and winter.

Cinnamon-Stick Candles add a warm glow to any tabletop. Just adhere the cinnamon sticks to the sides of plain glass votive holders with a hot glue gun. Then tie an autumn-colored ribbon around the sticks in a knot or bow. If you want to make your own candles, you'll need wax (sold in blocks, sheets, or shavings), wicks, and putty. Complete candle-making instructions can be found here.

Make a beautiful and unique work of art with pressed leaves and flowers! Colorful autumn leaves would make a beautiful arrangement. Pick pretty ones from the ground or right from the tree. You can slip leaves between the pages of a large old newsprint phone book and then add more books on top to weigh it down. Store your pressed leaves in a cool, dry place until they are completely dried and pressed flat. See complete directions on how to press leaves at

Make your own Goat's Milk Soap for your cottage bath or for giving to friends and family. Who wouldn't love a beautiful bar of soap? See Country Living for directions on how to make these. I love the way these soaps are wrapped, cushioned in unbleached coffee filters and placed in simple cardboard boxes from The botanical-style "wrapping papers" are actually color copies made from pages in a vintage bird guide!

These sweater totes are so handy and would make a wonderful gift, too! And it's a great way to repurpose old wool sweaters. These totes work best with sweaters that are 100 percent wool. They need to be put in the washer and dryer so they will shrink (this process is called "felting") and this gives you a denser piece of wool that won't unravel when you cut it. Because of the shrinkage, it's best to use large size sweaters (L, XL) so you have enough to work with. Also, the thicker the sweaters you use, the stronger your totes will be. You can find a list of supplies and complete instructions here.

Fabric-covered boxes are not only great for organizing, they can be an attractive touch to your decor when you stack or display them in your room. You'll need some sturdy boxes with lids, pretty patterned fabrics, and spray adhesive or fabric glue. See complete instructions here.

I would like to give all these ideas a try sometime. What types of crafts have you been making lately?

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