Friday, November 15, 2013

Autumn Elegance

I couldn't resist posting these beautifully elegant autumn decor ideas for both inside and outside the home. Autumn is such a lovely season and these ideas make it even more so!

Autumn leaves and branches accent porch lights (use decorative imitation foliage for lasting, vibrant color). Such a beautiful look, and the simple, elegant wreath enhances the door in a striking way.

Pumpkin bowls (Williams-Sonoma) add a festive autumn touch to the table!

Turkey plates, footed serving ware, golden pumpkin candles, and vintage art pillows, all elegant touches...all from Pottery Barn.

Pumpkins and foliage artfully arranged (The Fancy Shack).

Natural, yet elegant, tabletop looks from M&J Blog and Laughing with Angels.


And simple, understated
arrangments of pears and apples.

Hope you are enjoying all the elegance of autumn!

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