Thursday, September 26, 2013

An Autumn Picnic

As the brilliant fall colors begin to appear, there's no better way to enjoy them than by having an autumn picnic! Not only will you enjoy the beautiful outdoors, you'll have less bugs to deal with! Here are some images and helpful tips from Midwest Living and Country Living to help you plan a wonderful autumn picnic...

You'll want to bring the right accessories for your a picnic basket (or baskets, if you're having a large picnic), a cooler, thermoses for hot cider, hot cocoa, or coffee, and thick, cozy blankets. Totes or buckets are handy for smaller articles like eating utensils and hand wipes. You could pack condiments in these, too, if you run out of room in the picnic basket.

You also may want to bring some folding chairs or tables. And don't forget the football or other favorite outdoor games!

I like this idea–packing a variety of snacks in rolled-down lunch bags. Grouped together on a large tray, it makes it easy for everyone to reach for their favorite snack to munch on!

And this is a great idea, too–fill a metal tub with bottles of seasonal beverages or your favorite sodas.

If you want to use reusable plates, try this idea of using vintage pie tins–they hold the food perfectly!

And these vintage tin cups are perfect for a cup of cider!

Bring easy-to-eat desserts that are individually sized, like these delightful Pear Cakes!

And don't forget to look for colorful fall leaves that you can press–they'll be a great reminder of the good time you had on your picnic!

Are you planning on having a fall picnic this year?

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