Friday, August 30, 2013

Welcoming Entryways

In some homes, making an entryway more inviting can be a challenge because it's such a small area. If you need some ideas, there are some very good ones at Country Living. I picked a few that I thought could work in a variety of homes. You can pull from different items you already may have in your home or keep these ideas in mind for your next flea market visit–maybe you'll find just the item to make your entryway decor complete! See more ideas at

A nice arrangement of framed pictures or photos is a great way to fill up wall space, and an elegant small table is perfect for displaying a lamp, plant and other decorative items.

Corner displays are another nice way of attractively filling an entryway space. This photo shows a collection of walking sticks and feather dusters displayed in an antique leather fire bucket. And a primitve-style pig doorstop and dachshund boot scraper are the perfect items to complete the arrangement!

If you're short on space, you may just have room for a coatrack. But you can make a wonderful display with that, by artfully hanging totes and hats on it!

If you have a little more room, salvaged windows look great arranged on a long narrow table. Add a plant, photos, or other items to the table. The rustic metal bucket in the background is another nice touch. Leather boots store perfectly under the table and add to the decor!

Or display a long narrow bench with some nicely arranged artwork hanging on the wall behind it. Drape some quilts or other throws over the bench for a homey look. A wicker or wooden trunk under the bench provides some great extra storage!

Another nice idea if you have more entryway space is creating a display you can walk around–a display that looks great from any angle. This small round table decorated with a vase of flowers and a vintage platter make a simple yet beautiful arrangement.

Do you have an entryway you're wanting to decorate in your cottage home?

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