Saturday, August 24, 2013

Decorating with Flea Market Finds

I love finding treasures at flea markets and garage sales! It's so much fun finding something you love at a bargain price, isn't it? Sometimes, though, I'm not sure what to do with these treasures. But I recently found some great ideas for using flea market finds in home decor at Midwest Living. They have lots of ideas on how to creatively display your fabulous finds throughout the house. Here are a few...

Add some punch to your kitchen by spray-painting some garage-sale or thrift store kitchen items a bold color and arrange in a unified display on a wall. It's so eye-catching!

This room is filled with enamel pot is used as a flower pot, an old salon hair dryer is used as a lamp, patchwork feed sacks are used for pillow covers, and iron patio chairs are upholstered with feed sacks to make comfy indoor seating.

Stack suitcases next to your bed as a nightstand or in your living room as an end table...besides looking great, they also give you extra storage space! You can stack them on the floor or on top of a stand or crate if you need more height.

Mason Jars, along with vintage milk bottles or other glassware, make great vases. Or use them as desk accessories to hold pens, paper clips, and rubber bands.

Another great treasure-turned-desk or home office accessory is this salvaged porch railing–just the thing to organize your mail and other papers!

I really like this desktop organizer idea, too–a vintage sugar mold makes a great holder for desk supplies! I've also seen them used as candle holders.

Old shutters are great for displaying photos and postcards–you can always secure the photos with double-stick tape if they start to slide out.

Do these images give you any ideas for decorating with your own flea market finds?

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