Sunday, July 28, 2013

Herbs with Pretty Blooms

If you have an herb garden, you may already be seeing some of these pretty herbal blooms in your yard. I like to mix herbs in with other plants in my flower beds. With some herbs, you get a double bonus...fresh herbs for your cooking, and pretty blooms to look at! Here are some photos of blooming herbs so you can decide what you'd like to add to your own herbal garden. Photos are from Country Living.

Dill has bright yellow, feathery blossoms that appear in midsummer.

Rosemary has striking bluish purple blooms. My own rosemary bushes have only bloomed after having matured a few years and grown larger in size. Rosemary loves the sun and does well in dry, hot weather.

Spearmint blooms midsummer with small lilac-pink flowers. Because it spreads so much and can crowd out other flowers in your beds, it's best to contain it in a large pot or raised bed of it's own.

Pineapple Sage has a sweet pineapple scent and shows off striking red blooms near the end of summer.

You may want to try adding these herbs to your garden if you haven't already. Are you growing any other herbs with pretty blooms?

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