Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Flowers Artfully Displayed

There are many ways you can artfully display flowers in your home. Choosing a unique container is a wonderful way to add interest and creativity to your arrangement. Take a look at some of these ideas from a variety of sites...they would work beautifully inside your home as well as on your porch or patio!

Borrow an idea from a flower shop and use buckets to display your garden blooms! This would look great in a sunroom. Or use a collection of smaller buckets filled with flowers as a centerpiece indoors or out.

On the other hand, you may just want to use one large bucket, filled to the brim with flowers!

This is a wonderfully unique idea...framing a bucket of beautiful flowers!

Save your glass jars from a variety of foods and wrap some jute or twine around them, securing it with glue that works on glass...such a simple but great idea!

Another use for glass jars...transform a vintage bottle carrier into a multi-floral centerpiece...what a beautiful way to upcycle!

Not long ago, I bought a huge container of pickles because I loved the big glass jar they came in, and I knew I could reuse it for filling it with fresh or dried hydrangeas! This photo shows the same looks great displayed either on the floor or on a table.

A goblet works wonderfully as a vase, elegant!

And even a chandelier...elegant and fun!

Bottles of all shapes and sizes make great vases, whether they are vintage or new. These pure white blooms echo the clean white table and walls in the room.

This floral jar and bottle arrangement has such a graceful feel.

More striking white...a tureen and pitcher do double duty as beautiful containers for bouquets!

An arrangement in an urn is an eye-catching way to display flowers...this particular container is rustic yet elegant...the whole arrangement feels like a bit of the garden has been brought inside to enjoy!

A large vintage metal container holding some blooming branches makes a dramatic statement in this room. The table, chair, and even the rustic door behind the table all work so well together. And the floral arrangement is the perfect finishing touch.

A pretty ceramic vase–this one looks like it could be vintage–can be really striking with colorful blooms like these.

A variety of metal and glass containers embellish this outdoor dining table. Perhaps you have some special flea market finds that can be used in this way!

Colorful glass jars and bottles are so pretty filled with flowers...

whether they're vintage...

Or striking and vibrant, like these richly-hued purple bottles.

The casual look of these flowers in a basket is really nice!

Another great casual, rustic displayed in a vintage crate.

What types of decorating accessories do you have that you could use to artfully display flowers?

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