Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Window Boxes Abloom

Window boxes are a wonderful outdoor touch to any cottage home! I found lots of window box inspiration at a variety of sites. To start, here are a few nicely arranged boxes I saw at Southern Living, where they're described as "gardens in miniature."

This window box is full and lush, with a tall plant (Japanese iris) in the center, slightly shorter flowering  plants on either side for balance (snapdragons,violet African daisies, red geraniums, white petunias), and pretty trailing plants that overflow from the box (pink and red ivy geraniums, dark red calibrachoa, and purple Lanai verbena). This attractive window box is designed to last longer, made from rot-resistant wood (cedar) and lined inside with a metal liner.

Whatever foliage and flowers you choose for your box, they'll have better eye appeal if their colors complement your home or garden area. Also, choose plants that require the same light, moisture, and temperatures for the same box, and they'll all thrive nicely together. Fertilizing the flowers a few times a month is a good idea, too. 

A pretty combination of flowers fill this window box: pink geraniums add some height, caladium adds fullness, and purple petunias attractively cascade over the edges of the box.

Here are some other eye-catching window boxes from various sites...

A very lush, full window box with pretty pink blooms and colorful greenery.

A summery mix of flowers and foliage, including sweet potato vine and petunias.

Beautifully overflowing, this window box reminds me of an English cottage garden.

Surrounded with greenery, this window box in a more natural, rustic setting holds an eye-catching group of beautiful large blooms. This box also has an English cottage garden feel.

Simple and sweet, it's hard to resist these pink and purple blooms! Notice how the color of the flowers complement the color of the home and shutters.

A pretty cascade of vines and greenery, with a vibrant touch of red.

Here's a look at a few cooler weather window boxes...

For cooler climates or seasons, ornamental kale makes a colorful addition to window boxes. Kale can withstand frost and thrives in cool, sunny weather, needing at least 4 hours of direct sun every day. In addition to Nagoya and Peacock kale, this box also includes purple violas and lemon cypress.

This lovely autumn window box has fresh and dried flowers mixed in with oversized cabbages. Some curly, twisted branches are added in for interest and give the arrangement a wonderfully rustic look.

A great way to winterize your window box...use boxwoods, paperwhites, green-and-white flowering cabbages, silvery dusty miller, white violas, ivy, and red nandina berries. It's a good idea to check the moisture in your winter boxes weekly and water before a hard freeze.

A variety of winter greenery also looks great in window boxes with festive red bows.

What types of flowers and greenery will you be filling your window boxes with?

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