Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Give a Gift of Seeds from Your Garden

Garden gifts are always fun to give and receive! If you saved any seeds from your garden last year, here's a gift idea you can give this spring. Or, you can keep it in mind and start saving seeds from your garden this year to give next year.

I found these beautiful botanical-style seed packets at Victoria Magazine and you can download 9 different designs from their site! There are 8 packets for 8 different types of flowers, plus a blank packet that you can write the name of any flower seed on. They're very easy to put together...they just require folding and securing the ends of the packets with double-stick tape.

When you gather your garden seeds, make sure you keep the different varieties separate. Remove leaves or stems, if any, and dry the seeds in an area that's warm and dry. When you package your seeds, it's a good idea to date each batch.

This makes a great gift for your garden-loving friends and family. It's a wonderful way to share the beauty of your very own garden with others!

Do you have any of the flowers shown on these seed packets in your own garden? 

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