Sunday, February 10, 2013

For Your Valentine

Here are some fun ways to celebrate your Valentine or Valentines...I found these ideas at Country Living and Midwest Living...

Host a Valentine Tea Party (photo above)...complete with heart-shaped tea sandwiches and cookies, and cupcakes decorated with heart sprinkles or message flags.

Make a bouquet of Yarn'll need a pom-pom maker to make these, and they're attached with hot glue to thin twigs inserted into the pom-pom center. Or try a similar idea with pom-poms made of colorful tissue–instead of twig stems you could use floral wire wrapped around the pom-pom center, allowing enough wire for the amount of  "stem" length you'd like to have.

Cards from paint strips...a great way to upcycle those free paint color swatches! Use inked stamp designs or letters to decorate the strips and form simple words. The ink adheres better to the strip when you coat the strip with aerosol hair spray before stamping.

Candy covers...wrap candy bars with your own uniquely designed wrappers...add special messages, ribbons, buttons, and bows to decorate!

Use Valentine cupcake liners as covers for small jars or votive holders that have a special gift tucked inside!

Make a special photo card/booklet that can be displayed on a mantel, shelf, or dresser. Use photo corners to attach photos, or just glue them on the card stock. Punch a hole in the back panel or make a slit to slip a ribbon through, fold the card up when you're finished adding your photos, and tie ribbon ends in a bow in the front of the card. It makes a wonderful keepsake!

Fill a teapot with flowers...sometimes you can find great flea market buys on beautiful teapots that have chips or are missing the lid. These are perfect for making a teapot bouquet!

Creative votive candles...put Valentine candy nonpareils or other decorative baking sprinkles around a candle in a votive holder. You could also use small glass beads. Tie a ribbon around the votive, too, if you like–it makes a pretty gift!

Make a textured burlap vase...You can do it several ways: 1. Wrap a cylinder-shaped vase with burlap (plain or colored), attaching burlap with double-sided tape. Add ribbon to the top and bottom of the burlap using fabric glue. 2. Wrap empty metal cans, saved from some canned goods you've used, with burlap, attaching with glue that works for metal or fabric (a hot glue gun could work, too). Tie a wide, pretty ribbon around the center of the can with a bow. 3. Use empty glass canning jars or jars from various foods you've used...wrap and glue burlap around jars. If you're using smaller jars, you could use burlap ribbon to cover the jars.

Garland of hearts...use fabric scraps, layered and attached with iron-on adhesive, or layered scrapbooking papers glued together. Make slits or hole punches in hearts and tie together with ribbon.

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