Friday, January 11, 2013

A Fresh Start

The start of a new year always makes me want to freshen things up! I suppose it's because a new year reminds me of new beginnings...and what better time to try out some new decorating ideas that add light, bright touches to your home during the darker, sometimes dreary winter months? I found some great ideas from that I would love to try sometime. Maybe some of these ideas would work in your own cottage home!

Lighten up a smaller room, or any room, with a large mirror (to the right) that creates an airy feeling and gives the illusion of space. The blue and white accents and furniture in the room also add to the fresh feeling.

Blue and white-and lots of natural light-also help create a fresh and soothing feel in this bedroom, decorated with favorite antique or flea market finds.

Add some color...paint walls or furniture–or both!–in rich, vivid, cheerful colors.

A great rug, like this colorful woven rug, also ads an eye-catching splash of freshness!

This white kitchen has a wonderfully bold, colorful floor that adds warmth to the room in a really fresh way.

Here's a lightened-up, woodsy cabin-style room. Even if you have darker walls, you can still bring that fresh feel to a room with fabrics, pillows, rugs, lamps, and colorful accent furniture.

This kitchen also has a warm and woodsy kind of feel. The soft greens and creams, along with the wooden accents, give the room a beautiful golden glow.

Bring the outdoors in...bold color and a picnic-style table add an energizing, casual, and comfortably informal touch. A pitcherful of colorful fresh flowers always brighten up a room, too!

It's too chilly to sit on your porch right now, but this is a fresh, colorful way to decorate it...we'll have to save this idea for spring and summer! :) 

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