Monday, December 3, 2012

Simply Wonderful Holiday Decorating

When I was visiting the Midwest Living and Better Homes and Gardens sites today, I found some wonderfully easy ways to add special holiday touches to any cozy Christmas cottage! Like this fun idea (above) of filling fancy glasses, vases, or jars with peppermint candies. This was on the Midwest Living site, and here are more of their ideas...

Use new or vintage pitchers, planters, or other containers to plant miniature cypress trees or other greenery in. They add such a fresh touch displayed on the stairs. The paper "ornaments" tied on each container with a ribbon are a unique way of greeting guests in your home!

Tie a wide, pretty ribbon around a pillow–just like a gift! it's an eye-catching and inexpensive way to make your living room, den, or even bedroom more festive.

You can add a wonderful natural holiday touch to a room just by hanging a big pine branch on a wall!

Use your Christmas cards as decoration...display them on a rustic shutter, wooden sled, or ladder that leans against the wall.

Add little Christmasy touches here and a small wreath that hangs from a shelf in your dining room, with a small present tucked in among your dishes!

Here are some ideas from Better Homes and Gardens...

Tie faux or real greenery, berries, and twigs on your banister with a pretty ribbon and add some ornaments, too, if you want!

Make a simple yet attractive wintry display with candles and some miniature trees with the bases wrapped in burlap.

Create an eye-catching wall arrangement with sweet and simply decorated grapevine wreaths!

Tuck a small tree and some presents in a little corner for an added touch of Christmas!

Hang colorful or white hand cut snowflakes in your windows and finish it off with a swag of greenery on top.

Or hang some vintage aprons in your kitchen window for a really unique decorating touch!

And I just love this floating holiday candle that's so easy to make. Just put a branch of greenery in the bottom of a glass canning jar, then fill jar about 2/3 full with water. Add some cranberries and a floating candle. 

What are some of your favorite wonderfully simple ways to decorate for the holidays?

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