Monday, October 22, 2012

Touches of Autumn

Want to make your cottage a beautiful autumn retreat? Fill it and surround it with the colors, scents, and natural beauty of the season. There's no better way to celebrate and enjoy this time of year! Here are some ideas to get you started...

From Country Living...decorate your table with autumn branch cuttings adorned with colorful leaves. It's a simple, beautiful way to decorate that doesn't cost a thing if you have trees in your yard! And don't forget the seasonal flowers, fresh-picked from your garden...dahlias, mums, sunflowers...make a beautiful arrangement of your favorites. Use rustic, weathered containers for vases like vintage crocks and pottery or wooden containers that you can tuck a smaller glass vase or plastic cup into.

Also from Country Living: Instead of a typical wreath, decorate your front door with a cluster of ribboned pinecones. Find some good-sized pinecones from your yard or nearby park and use a hot glue gun to attach a strand of ribbon (about 2" of the ribbon end) to the base of each cone. When glue is dry you can stagger the ribbons so the cones fall at different lengths. Tie upper ribbon ends together, trimming ends so they're uniform, and hang over a nail or hook. Another easy, inexpensive idea! 

Midwest Living has 25 great ideas for decorating your autumn mantel. Here are just a few...

Your mantel can be a showcase for colorful leaves (in float frames) and bittersweet branches.

A clean and simple look with white-washed clay pots filled with moss is fresh and appealing for autumn through winter. Add pinecones around the pot for fall, then replace with shiny ornaments or holly clippings at Christmastime. Hang colorful leaves from the clothesline attached to the mantel during the fall, then change to mittens or snowflakes for winter.

Gourds on a mantel, mixed with bittersweet and some fall leaves, add a nice rustic touch. The mirror behind the arrangement enhances the colors in a pleasing way.

From Better Homes and Gardens, a some pumpkin decorating ideas...

Pumpkins uniquely decorated with antique keys for your front entry! You could create a smiliar look with twigs.

Pumpkin-lined stone steps leading to a cottage porch or winding along in an autumn garden. The colorful mums are a great accent, too.

And from Pottery Barn, some ideas for autumn tabletops...

This is a faux arrangement, but you can easily make your own with natural pumpkins, gourds, and foliage.

Fill a decorative glass hurricane or other glass container with fresh cranberries and add candles...perfect for both autumn and winter tables!

Hoping these ideas bring you some autumn inspiration for your own cottage. What are some of your favorite ways to decorate for fall?

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