Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beautifully Easy Potpourri Ideas

I love displaying potpourri in vintage bowls! It's a wonderful way to display your pretty bowls and containers while adding an inviting, soothing aroma to your cottage rooms. You don't have to spend much, either, to have beautiful bowls of potpourri. 

Just start with inexpensive potpourri from your local craft or discount store and make it uniquely yours by adding some of your own dried flowers saved from bouquets or from your garden. In my bowl, I added dried roses and baby's breath saved from a bouquet and small clippings of eucalyptus I had purchased for another dried flower arrangement. I also mixed in some dried lavender, rosemary, and rose petals from my garden. 

You can mix any kind of flowers and herbs you like that dry well. When the fragrance of your potpourri starts to fade, you can freshen it up with a few drops of scented oil.

Every so often, I put the potpourri in a gallon-size Ziploc freezer bag with some drops of floral-scented oil, shake the bag up a little so the oil coats the potpourri, and keep it in the bag for a few days or even weeks; then the potpourri has a nice scent again and you can just empty the bag back into your bowl or other pretty container. It's a great way to make your potpourri last longer!

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